Non hai più di trenta anni? Allora questo progetto fa per te: Infopack


Dear Partners,
Technology urges to make new arrangements and maintain innovations on these arrangements. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a term which started to become more and more a part of our lives and is recently recognized with advancing technology.
Youth participating in this organization arranged in international scale will have been gained to ability to express themselves in native and foreign language, reconciliation and culture of discussion.
The spirit of entrepreneurship will have been aroused by the perspective brought up about AI. Physical and intellectual mobility within the scope of the project will be provided between individuals. Individuals will gain the spirit of team work by taking effective roles in group.


As a result of increasing studies day by day, artificial intelligence has integrated into our lives. Many countries have reached a level to compete with each other in this regard.
We also aim to increase the studies in our country and partners countries in the field of artificial intelligence within the scope of this project.
It is yet developing and it’s unclear what it can or cannot do; It is aimed to raise awareness on the effects of using artificial intelligence, which is an area that cannot be clarified how far the areas of use can be expanded.
In addtition to provide a meeting point for organizations to exchange information about artificial intelligence and youth participation in decision making and foster a solid network of good and reliable partners to make future projects.